Jessica Engle, Director

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist

Why I do this work: The world is made greater by those confident enough to pursue their calling.  Or, as Howard Thurman said, "because what the world needs is people who've come alive."

Why I'm good at this work: My extensive academic and clinical experience; personal transformation from shy child to confident teen via drama and theater; and naturally calming persona.

Specialties: Drama therapy; attachment therapy; trauma-based SA.

Style: Insightful, perceptive, and empathic.

Groups: All


Liora Abrahams-Brosbe

licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist

Why I do this work: Our society rewards extroverts. I'm passionate about helping shy introverts live fully regardless of temperament, psychological issues, or past wounding. 

Why I'm good at this work: As a client-centered therapist, I'm dedicated to following your lead. Together we'll adjust the amounts of structure, challenge, and comfort in sessions to develop the most effective treatment possible.

Specialities: Drama & expressive arts therapy; trauma; grief & loss; women's issues.

Style: Genuine, playful, and attentive.


Laia Pedreno Mateu

licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Why I do this work:  Connection is as necessary as food or water.  I want you to enjoy friendships and gatherings, be it at work or in your personal life.

Why I'm good at this work:  I’ve struggled with anxiety myself, and I am always reading a book or learning some new ways to tackle or soothe it.

Specialities: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); adult children of parents with personality disorders or mental illness; removing blocks to find love.

Style: Warm, direct, cheeky and expressive.

Laia Pedreno.jpg

Karen Yu

licensed Marriage & Family TherapisT intern 

Why I do this work: The great joy I get from witnessing my clients experience social ease, often for the first time ever. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing them lead happier lives as they overcome social anxiety.

Why I'm good at this work: My ability to gently nudge clients towards their goals.  My knack for drawing shy and withdrawn clients out of their shells.

Specialities: Expressive arts and drama therapy; highly-anxious high achievers; mindfulness.

Style: Direct, authentic, kind, and enthusiastic.