Social Anxiety Support Group

Social Anxiety Support Group

Learn that you’re not alone in this intimate group of like-minded peers.  You’re invited to participate as much or as little as you like in our group discussion, personal sharings, mindfulness activities, and mini-lectures led by our SA specialist facilitator.  We’ll explore topics such as:

  • Social anxiety symptoms 

  • Social skills    

  • Anxiety-reduction techniques 

  • Public speaking 

  • The causes of social anxiety

  • Healing loneliness

  • Self-esteem and self-love  

  • The pros and cons of taking medicine 

  • Coping strategies for high-anxiety situations

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6-Week Cognitive Behavioral Group


6-Week CBT Group

Join a small group of like-minded peers for a short-term yet powerful cognitive behavioral therapy group.  Led by a social anxiety specialist and modeled after evidence-based treatments, this group emphasizes education, experiential exercises, and homework assignments.  Rewire your anxiety-promoting thinking patterns, learn how to feel better about yourself, and practice new skills via role-play.  

  • Week One: How thoughts cause social anxiety

  • Week Two: Rewiring your thinking patterns

  • Week Three: How avoidance enflames anxiety

  • Week Four: Building self-esteem

  • Week Five: Overcoming fears through role-play

  • Week Six: Overcoming fears through role-play

Note: those with mild to moderate social anxiety generally respond best to this short-term group.  If you have severe or very severe levels of social anxiety, we recommend working with an individual therapist during and after this brief group in order to reach your recovery goals.  To self-assess your current daily levels of SA, please take our free test.

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 10-Week Overcoming SA Group

10-Week Overcoming Social Anxiety Group

In this 10-week group, learn fundamental skills and build your toolkit for overcoming social anxiety.  Through mindfulness meditations, cognitive-behavioral exercises, role-plays, and other gentle-yet-challenging experiential activities, you'll learn how to soothe your fears and expand your comfort zone.  With the support of a social anxiety specialist and a group of like-minded peers,  you'll explore:

  • Getting to know Social Anxiety: The who, what, and why

  • Soothing anxiety: Mindfulness and other anxiety-reduction techniques

  • Adopting a low anxiety lifestyle: How to overcome SA using self-care

  • Inner critic be gone! Shifting from self-hatred to self-love

  • Don't believe everything you think: How to rewire anxiety-inducing thoughts

  • Digging deeper: Healing the roots of SA

  • Befriending small talk: Improving your social skills

  • Playful confidence: Using creativity to overcome SA

  • The only way out is through: Role-playing and other forms of exposure therapy

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